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Monday, 2 July 2012

At Last Decent lift at Roundway

Sunday 1st July

Touching on a 40mph blow, coming from the west of south west and at last stacks of lift at Roundway. For those of you that have flown Roundway it is a hill that doesn't often generate bags of smooth lift but this was the day it did...

Robert filled the Rotmilan up with Ballast and spent the afternoon darting up and down the side of the slope practicing his F3F  full of self congratulation as to what a great job he was doing

Martin came along with his Jart and Predator 2.
Rob flew the predator 2 and felt it was a good glider smooth and groovy.
Martin flew the JART which I think is a weirdly pretty glider that cut through the air beautifully and was clearly good fun to fly. I will probably treat myself to one for Christmas.

Picture of Robert and the Jart, watch the video to see ''what happens next" . We were all hoping it would spear him but no such luck!!!

This little gadget is amazing. It is a freesky 2.4ghz module with 'Telemetry'. Not exactly sure what was going on but my understanding from Steve was buy a £20 module for the tranny and a £20 8 channel free sky receiver and the 2 will talk to each other. Steve is able to track the co ordinates ( long and lat ) of the glider, signal strength transmitted / received, battery levels and stacks more... Staggering value.. In a couple of years every radio set will have this.

Now for the video and thanks to Mr Goodwind the quality at last is pretty good. Full volume, full screen and enjoy


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