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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Another wasted Journey to the BWLCH

Thursday 28th June

Myself and the Rumpster today made the trip to the BWLCH. Following the outing arranged by Rob a few weeks ago I was hoping that this one would of ended in a day of flying rather than fannying around with the local trollopes and wandering around aimlessly in the mist for 4 hours before returning home without so much as a flight.

Unfortunately although the weather looked good all the way from Rumpster mansions to Bridgend, once we got to the base of the hills we saw the devastating mist. We waited for an hour,  saw a sheep nearly get run over and saw somebody crash into one of the rubbish bins in the layby, but alas no flying!

I have added on the side a link to a live web cam in Treorchy( base of the BWLCH), in future we will check this before leaving

You will be glad to know whilst all this was going on Rob was in Yorkshire where he was spending 2 days pretending to fly like a bumble bee ! What a Twat...


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  1. Martin.. for the sake of everyone else who will now be getting an email saying there is an exciting new update on SJ's. Delete this post before they log on as its seriously embarrassing.