Rob C and Martin D

Rob C.... Good looking, highly experienced radio control flyer. Martin D.... 40'ish, middle age spread kicking in. Motto "You build it, i'll fly it"

Acacia 2 F3F

 Everyone will own an Acacia at some point.. Distinctive looks with its bulbous nose and swept back wing, 3 piece wing plan form and best of all relatively cheap!

I Ordered mine in 2008 took 8 weeks to make and was my own colour scheme! Mine came from when Ian Mason was running the ship. Arriving mid August i think. Mine took a bit of a bashing in the post ending up in a crumpled tail feather (replaced for free by Ian some 6 months later)

I got mixed feelings about my Acacia, all in all i was not impressed with the moulding, the thin wing skins and general feel of her. A bit disappointing really as there are some very good Acacias, Martin picked up an Acacia 1 of ebay which was superb, stiff and beautifully moulded.

As for the flying, it did fly well! not as crisp as Martins but you could load up the ballast and watch it seriously motor! A good North Westerly at Westbury dodging the Para-gliders with full ballast.. Excellent!

Acacia's are very quick! and tough too. A great step forward from the Blade

Problems with mine included, de-lamination of the wing skins, Poor alignment of the wing tips to centre section, Wing skins flexed and picked up lots of dings.

The bulbous nose is cavernous for any radio gear and battery combination, if you got fat fingers like Martin its a dream to work on.

There is no doubt about it they do look fantastic!

Had problem in the snow, stupidly whilst putting it together i trapped a load of snow in the wing connector. Snow + Electrical connections do not mix. This pic was taken up Westbury White Horse

Balancing the beast in Mark (the Wigwam) fantastic work shop, no plane is to big for this work shop..

Would i buy one again? well i tried to buy Martins but he refused to sell it to me on the grounds he did not want to see it flown better! I would not buy new, but if i could see one to check moulding then you never know. I have heard from others that you get good'uns.... and you get bad'uns!
Roundway Hill

Sold mine on Ebay after 6 months to fund my Viking2 F3B