Rob C and Martin D

Rob C.... Good looking, highly experienced radio control flyer. Martin D.... 40'ish, middle age spread kicking in. Motto "You build it, i'll fly it"

Big Sting F3B

  The legendary Big Sting!

 What to say about the Big Sting, built here the glider is beautifully built. The quality is outstanding, all the seems are perfect, the moulding is excellent and is as strong as an Ox!

It also flies very very well in all conditions. Thermals well, smooth and flat in the turns, acrobatics are a doddle, fantastic elevator response made square loops easy. Had 2 massive ballast tubes in the fuz, would take over 2kg's worth of lead!

Also looks right! Well proportioned with a decent size fuz, the wing shape looks great in the air too.

3.2 meter span all carbon construction (inc nose for all you 2.4'ers) Top driven flaps and ailerons, pre-moulded in the wing, quite fiddly when something goes wrong however fairly robust. I bought this one second hand for around £450 with voltz servos in the wing and digital hitec servos in the fuz.

3 piece wing, with 3 bolt holding it all together in the middle. It originally came with a yellow fuz, but i resprayed it white. Incidentally getting hold of spares from the manufacturer is a nightmare. One of my landings without the assistance of myself due to demise of battery, destroyed the wing tip. It took over a year to get a replacement! forced to mend the hole myself. But as i said they are very very strong!

The softest landing... This is the field next to the parking area for Roundway hill. A great challenge on a thermic day to walk back to your car around the trees and land there, nice way of showing off.

This one is a complete all rounder, and if you are ever offered one, snap it up! its a true classic, extremely versatile. There is a slightly smaller version known as The Sting, which is also highly recommended too!

Great on the bungee also....

This one is now in the hands of Mark, and is still going strong. Just go up Roundway Hill on any day that is a westerly and you will either see this flying or his Carracho.