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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Care in the community...

 Once in while we like to go out and impart are valuable knowledge to the masses.. think of it as "outreach work" so on a quite evening i went to Geoff's place.. Geoff has been featured in one or two movies, his last appearance was with his Baudis Trinity being very badly out of trim. Geoff has been RC'ing it for yonks so i was interested to see what was stuffed in his cupboard...

Geoff has a relatively small garden... this is the reason! bloody great long hanger!!!

This is whats in it.. amongst other things! A Blue Air lines Ash 26, 5 meter virtually finished. This is perfectly proportioned and stiff as a priest in a brothel. Just to prove this point, what would you do to test the strength of your 5 meter Blue Airlines Ash 26?     YOU DS IT!!

Minimoa waiting a refurb. This is 1/4 scale and looks great!

A load of junk in the corner... including a Baudis Banana, Trinity.... Oh and a third scale all moulded carbon Pilatus!!!!
Seriously braced inside for strength, massive carbon joiner and nice scale cockpit. Geoff you need to get this in the air! I also found a Thermik XXL fantastic mouldie lurking under the drum kit.

Where do planes and gliders go when the die (apart from the Hudds house) Geoff's attic!!

The priority is to get the ASH flying, should take a couple of hours of programming, then the mighty Pilatus must be flown, then theres the Moa, then all the 1/4 scale stuff, then .......... i need a drink.

That concludes this week's Outreach work. Next week Martin goes to Grahams house to give advice on the intricacies of vacuum bagging, as well as a video demonstration on the holding abilities of super glue on his lips (not grahams)... I cant wait.



  1. You should put you viking 2 in that shed soon as you don't use it anymore