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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday 15th May...Guest Post

This is for you scale boys out there. I am in the process of building a 1/3 scale Ash 26 . Unfortunately due to the secretive nature of my job, ( I am deep undercover for the government) I have only supplied a picture of a scale man. He was modelled on myself and is a very good likeness possibly a bit more handsome and with a better dress sense. I will send build logs to Martin to Post for me. He will cut and paste into blog.....I am code name Charlie Oscar Papa

ASH Build Part 1

Yes moulded 'V' tail models go fast, do anything....(within reason) and are easy to transport........but there is something beautiful about a scale model, I know the only thing Martin finds beautiful is pork pies and scotch eggs........and Rob.......well that blue coat of his of course...But come on.....Scale models are a great change from the 'V' tail F1 machines.

My real love affair for Scalies came when I bought Mark Wickhams Valenta ASW 20 (see a you tube clip to see what I mean If the link doesn't work just type 'Valenta ASW 20'........A scale model has purpose, and looks......well, real.

Anyhow, I found a secondhand Vario on the Scale Soaring Site, which I would later use in the ASW 20, following a short phone call to the seller I decided I would buy it.......

The seller then told me that he was  selling some models too.......we all know how it went from there, we've all been there.

On the way back from our Scotland holiday we 'popped' into Lancaster and picked up a part built 6 meter Rosenthal ASH 26 ( and a unbuilt Rodel ASK 21 4.2 meter (

The wife was overcome with joy having to sit in the car on a four hour jorney with a wing between us........

The ASH 26..

I decided to buy the ASH as I felt it was a good opportunity to own a 1/3 scale model, it had very little done to it, the fuz had been sprayed...but the plonker who sprayed it forgot to rub the surface down first, so its got flaking paint, and the wings have been glassed, and sprayed. I must say the wings have been glassed well, the spray job is ok, but it will need a bit more 2000 grit rub down and polish! The wiring was in for the wing servos and that was about it.

Martin has ok'd me writing a few bits on the build of this machine, then hopefully in June we can maiden it.......and either video it crashing or convince Martin that Scale gliders are better for him than pork pies.......more to follow.....

Charlie Oscar Papa
pp Martin

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  1. Nice one Cop Kid, look forward to the next installment!