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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Another Great day at Westbury

Saturday 12th May

As promised I had arranged sunshine, a modest northerly breeze and plenty of lift. I got to the North ridge at Westbury white horse just after noon to find Robert and Graham already slopeside. I took an armoury of models with me as I knew I would be there for a long time.

As the day went on quite a gathering formed. Graham Luna (see above) came up dressed as a fisherman, Rob contemplated stamping (see above) on the Rot milan after more technical problems and some appalling landings.
There were alot of para gliders about but we did a decent job of keeping them up one end with only a small amount of verbal and hand signal abuse...

The Rotmilan is launched. Rotmilan is actually Italian for 'Red kite' as in the bird of prey. Rot milan in Spanish is ''my owners a tosser''..

This is me launching Richard Robbs Acacia. This actual glider used to belong to me and even now when I see it I have a certain amount of regret selling it. It is in stunning condition, built fantastically well and moves like you know what of a shovel

Robert fiddling with the electrics again on the Rotmilan. This weeks technical hitch was something to do with the starboard flap, another intermittent fault

Tanga and F3B being launched in Tandem

Now for a small video compilation of the days events. As ever full screen, full volume and make sure you set to HD....


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