Rob C and Martin D

Rob C.... Good looking, highly experienced radio control flyer. Martin D.... 40'ish, middle age spread kicking in. Motto "You build it, i'll fly it"

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Allie in the skies…

Have a look at the photo.. do not under estimate the power of this inconsequential looking chap, this slight of frame fellow who looks like he’s fiddling with something has a very interesting habit… We met “Colin” as I will call him up Westbury this evening whilst dodging the angry looking super cells. He is a Hang glider pilot with similar views to Para gliders as our selves, but unlike Martin who shouts at them then expects me to deal with any physical stuff, “Colin” is a little more pro-active.. He delights in climbing to height above them, and then proceeds to get the old “Mini Colin” out and give them the proverbial golden shower….. I was stunned and shocked, Martin did not look surprised as if it’s a regular occurrence for him.

I have blacked out “Colins” face to protect him…


…… oh wait Colins face, SHEEET!

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