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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday 19th February

Today I had a second go at competing in the F3F Welsh Winter League. Rob was supposed to have been making his F3F debut  but due to circumstances outside of his control he was unable to make it. I wonder if he is  destined never to wow us with some actual times against the clock. He has certainly been talking a good story for the last few months, it would be nice to see some facts to back his ''guff'' up!!

Anyway today was a different story for me compared to my first comp last month. We were flying from the Ice cream slope. The wind was probably 15 to 20 mph, which in turn led to mediocre lift. I opted for half ballast. My times today were all over the shop. I had a best which was 48 seconds and a worst that was 67 seconds. I am in no doubt that once the results are published I will have finished last.

Although it was not a great performance I was happy with the way I flew. I flew very smoothly and my turns were very neat. The problem is that it is very difficult to judge where the bases are and you tend to fly safe and in doing so overshoot the bases and make the course a lot longer than it needs to be

Today I also think the calibre of competitors was higher than last time. I remember going home after the first comp thinking that I would probably finish mid table, today all the other competitors were in a different class to me. I have set myself a goal. Before the year is out a sub 45 second run and to be happy that I feel I have closed the gap on the big boys..... 

Ian Mason about to have his willow launched. The willow today went like you know what of a shovel. It is unbelievable value for money. You can have a new one for a 'monkey' .. £500

In the background you can see 'The Crest' . What a hill / view.

Rumbey's Alliaj coming in , full crow. I think Rumbey had a good day today. I saw a different side to his flying compared to the sport flying we normally do together

A FOSA ( Baudis)  ... I have seen pictures and heard alot about them. They have a very narrow wing cord leading to long thin wings. A very nice glider. I wonder if in the future models will move more to this shape of wing.

Rumbey with a go pro stuck to his head. Not sure if this look is going to take off.


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