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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Westbury, not the Bwlch FFS!

Good one Marty, look forward to the results! I was supposed to attend but due to Family member deciding to visit a hospital at short notice i had to bail... again! But i did get a good consolation prize and certainly more than 5 mins of flying that Martin got!

Westbury on a Northerly, nothing better. To Windy for the Gay Dogging Para Gliders, The Hang Gliders went to cloud base so out our way. We had the Hudd, The Bristol Boys, Nick, Mark, Graham and others... What an ugly bunch mind, not a good day to showcase RC Glider flying to the ladies, obviously i tried to drag them up a few levels...

Quick pit stop and a charge from the Hudd, his car is full of gliders, bits of gliders, para gliders, helicopters... if i was a kid i would nick this car out of all others parked up Westbury... (not the Ford Focus)

                       Incidentally look what the Hudd has done, He has resurrected the Zombie Foamie

Nick had a car so organised makes you sick, unlike the pile of crap which i carry about. Also had a very nice Pike and Luna 2. There is a heli stuffed in that big box!

 Pike on landing approach, check that sky out... this is still February too!

 The flight line

Foamie combat with these guys is vicious... there was lumps of foam falling all about the place. The control movement these chaps have set up on there planks is outstanding.

Lastly a bit of fun, the Hudd demonstrating his new found prowess of the rolling circle, due to my complete ineptitude at filming, i missed a good chunk of it, He did come very close to stacking it on the hill... The Hudd thought that too!

The Rotmilan goes from strength to strength, really love this model.... see ya.


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