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Friday, 17 February 2012

At Last It's 'ere!!

Friday 17th Feb

The fuz for the Tanga arrived at work today. I couldn't get home fast enough to plug the tail and wings in to see how it looks.....

After a very quick check the fuselage is better quality than the first one but to be honest it is still a little disappointing. The seams are not great, there are a few marks and the canopy could fit better. The request to strengthen the nose has resulted in some extra glass cloth but it is definately stronger. I will still look to put some carbon tow in for extra strength and a much thicker servo board.

Plan is to be flying it again within 2 weeks. I miss flying this glider, it is superb.


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  1. Good to see it in one piece again... but i hate to say it... wrong colour!