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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Its all good ..

Wednesday 15th Feb

Good news today. The fuz for the Tanga F3B has been dispatched, it will be here in a couple of days. I have had Breta Models strengthen the nose with extra cloth to avoid breaking this one. I did carry nose weight in the old one so I shouldn't be compromised on weight. 

This fuz has been done in orange , the same as the stripes on the top of the wing. I got fed up with the marks that were beginning to show on the old white one, plus the sheep $hit shouldn't show as much!!

Piccy received today from Breta models.About to go into the box to be dispatched!!

A new Quad arrived last week . The one that looks like a Las Vegas Christmas tree has been sent to Quad heaven. This one is an X Aircraft 650 carbon, I have upgraded the motors and gone for a DJ Naza flight controller. I have now been on the build on and off for a week, and am now in the final stages..

This bad boy should be as steady as a rock in the air and should be able to handle a reasonable amount of wind. There is plenty of room underneath to hang a go pro so very excited about being able to film off the slopes from some interesting angles 

And best of all me and Rob are all set for the F3F comp in Wales on Sunday. Looks like the wind will be a steady 15mph straight onto "The Wrecker". As usual Rob is oozing with confidence / cockiness . It will be an interesting journey home Sunday, one of us will be full of grins and smart comments, the other of us won't be!!


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  1. ... or we both may have smashed up 4 models trying to squeeze an extra second out!