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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone... well i hope every one got what they wanted. Personally i was after a JR 2.4 transmitter system, or i would even suffer a Graupner MC20 2.4. Well you wont believe it, i had a pressie exact right dimensions, it was to good to be true.... and it was to good to be true, OH well!

Martin was hoping for a sense of humour, quite frankly we all were! alas this was not to be either... so another year of ginger retardness unfortunately. The Zumerzet Guys all have TBS discovery Quads to build, Bobster from England's Hemorrhoid has a Willow to rebuild after an unfortunate accident on the Bill. Rumpster has a bumper batch of bog roll for xmas so he's happy as a pig in shit... well a pig that can clean himself up that is!

SlopeJunkies has almost been going a year, we hope 2013 will be as much fun as this year, Martin is desperate to do well in F3F bless him, i cant wait to try out my new long range UHF radio, FPV quad flying might take the spot light i predict, as well as more trips to the bill.

 Anyways i got this for xmas.. built it and now wondering what to do with it. Super glue is amazing stuff. Got some funny tissue in the box, instructions cant be right said something about covering it in tissue.....  Also mentioned dope?!! I called Martin, he's a dope, thought he would know.

Pretty little thing, might jam so radio gear in it!

 Merry Christmas



  1. Will that be your new top model edging the Rotmilan down to second place?


  2. Such a shame you are still boring and have nothing to really say.