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Sunday, 30 December 2012

No Woolly Backs for us!

We had our names down for the Woolly backs event today, Dumpster was getting very excited about it but then the Friday night weather call . No Woolly back this year.

We checked the weather out this morning and decided White Sheet would be the order of the day.

This is Mark Trebles new toxic. He has only had it a week . Looks stunning and flies pretty well too. Dad John preparing for launch.

This is Geoffs Energic. The picture doesn't do the brightness of those wings justice. Probably around 2.5 metres and bought from T9 Hobbysport. This glider is built very well and flies great. Could be one for my shopping list

Me and the boy sporting our new £7 ski goggles from ALDI. These are life savers for eyes on windy days

Graham returning from another successful sortie with his Baudis Cyril.  Everything about that glider looks 'right'

Robs  Rotmilan. This is similar to Triggers broom. Its had a new fuselage, new tail feathers and a new canopy and yet its the same glider ??.

What can I say. Me and Rob feeling charitable coincided with one of Dave's day release days, so we felt it was the right thing to do to give him a call and take him out. We had him back to the home in time for tea.

Now for a quick sum up video of the day using some new fangled effects from Dumpsters camera. Volume up !!!


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