Rob C and Martin D

Rob C.... Good looking, highly experienced radio control flyer. Martin D.... 40'ish, middle age spread kicking in. Motto "You build it, i'll fly it"

Sunday, 18 November 2012

FVP QuadZilla..

I elected not to go out and play on a mountain with Martin (his report will follow) i decided to do something far more fun! Test FVP the quad...

A little jello effect, but that will be easy to shift with a bit of dampening. Also the blades needed to be balanced... broke 3 props so no amount of balancing will help them now!!!
A fantastic flight, reason for branch chaffing is i lost video signal behind some trees, the problem with 5.8ghz, but well worth it!



  1. Great work!

    Not too much jello, nice and smooth camera work! Lovely lighting that time of day too!

    Quadzilla sounds like a beast?

  2. At last some decent FPV footage from you. Ditch the Zaggi and stick with the quad. Much better.


  3. Thanks Ben, she is a beast, she's also called Molly! GoPro footage will get better i have a couple of ideas which will smooth it out a treat.

    Martin, you may actually be right for once. I reckon i can get to cloud base with this quad!


  4. RcExplora has a neat pianowire stabiliser very easy to make! I think the idea is to get the gopro and battery on the same tray due to the weight!