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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

F3F Welsh Winter League Round 1

Sunday 18th .... I went to the F3F Welsh Winter League Round 1. I was due to go with Rob and the Dumpster. As usual Rob cried off as he had been to work 6 days in a row so was knackered and Dave had some stamps to lick.

Arrived at the BWLCH 9.30 to a completely flat calm day, not a breath of wind. By 11 the wind had picked up to somewhere between 10 and 20mph. We were at the back of the wrecker and the competition was on

Some of the guys waiting. Average round time was just a smidge over 30 minutes

The Dumpster couldn't make it in person but was here in spirit.

Apart from Robs, this is the only other Rotmilan I have seen. Gary Harrison had this one on rails and came a well deserved 4th. Rob would benefit from a Gary Harrison masterclass.

Another for the off.

The back of the wrecker is a daunting place to be stood with a ballasted model when the wind is light and variable. There is nowhere for landing out .

I don't think we will be seeing these for too much longer ...thank god. Nearly everybody has now  dragged themselves into the 21st century 

The Results....  I managed 13th out of 19. Clearly a lot of room for improvement but I felt I was starting to get to grips with it so I reckon a few more races and I will start to make some progress. 

Now for the video. The music is a blast from the past but I love it. Watch....


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  1. You can really tell when someone is trying to be funny but failing... its so embarrassing Martin, please stop it