Rob C and Martin D

Rob C.... Good looking, highly experienced radio control flyer. Martin D.... 40'ish, middle age spread kicking in. Motto "You build it, i'll fly it"

Monday, 29 October 2012

Westbury.. and its all about ME!

 Saturday at Westbury with a stiff Northerly... I told the Mrs she said "Get stuffed it ain't your birthday" not sure what shes on about... However arrived on site and found Slug securely embedded against the cold, then Nick, Cubbit, Bob, lettuce and then the "other" Martin turned up. A couple of good flights, FPV with the Zephyr (all well within CAA guidelines) and a bash with my Viking, which i thought may fall apart at being thrown around at a rate of knots..

This is Bob. This is the best picture of Bob. This also perfectly describes Bobs unique style of flying. Wires hanging off things with battery's dangling free. Also notice neck strap across left control stick. Stern look of a man not sure of cause and effect, like Homer Simpson!

 Gives us a blowie you Bitch.. you like that huu! "other" Martin getting to grips with things..

Vid..  think of this as more of an expression of art than an account of the day! loud LOud LOUD!

I realise not much glider flying... TBH there was not much material.....


Oh Yes, no Martin. Quite a lot of people said it was sooo much better without his ego, i did try and defend him to a point ;)


  1. After a few months you are now doomed that i can comment!

    I haven't been up the hill for a little while now! Have been spending some time building a few FPV things!

    Just got delivered a EzUHF and pocket DVR!

    Should be up this weekend to throw my FPV Twinstar off the top to see if it works (maiden)

    Keep the cool videos coming!


  2. Good news Ben, keep us updated on progress... may see you over the weekend!


  3. Will do!

    Your spotter for that day had some eyes on him! Nothing like flying legal...good job the clouds were only at 400ft that day though!

    Good stuff crack on!