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Monday, 5 November 2012

Back to the Bill again!!

 After my last visit every time anyone mentioned Portland Bill, I sort of voluntarily spasm and start to dribble from the corner of my mouth! So thought I better get down there and slay a demon... The Bobster was as accommodating as ever (without dropping his pants) as was the legend that is John Trebble. John won’t be remembered for winning comps, he will be remembered for something far better... the ability to brush off disasters and still come out smiling. Unfortunately true to form, he lost a foamy somewhere down the bottom of the cliff (not even I volunteered for that mountaineering task) and had problems landing his willow in the fearsome rotor. However we got his Extreme up and it went rather well! My poor Viking2 was subjected to a hammering out in the 20 gusting 40 knots something it definitely is not used to. But hung together with aplomb.
Extreme away... safetly
   Bobsters one ugly mother of a glider. It does go very well though!

The lonely figure of John left whilst Armageddon comes in... stage right!

Check video out, i went MoM with a seagull, can only think it was a friend of the one i killed on the previous visit wanting to exact revenge! Turn it up LOUD, those kids of the 90s will love the track!

White Sheet F3F next Sunday, all i can say is.... BRING IT ON!


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