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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Roundway Saturday

The Sun was out, the skies were blue, there wasn't a cloud to spoil the view so we all went to Roundway, stood at the end of the peninsula and had a good day

Picture Taken from Quad Saturday 28th July

Above... A view from left side from behind the flight line, you will see the usual suspects keep everything tidy. To the right .. a view from the 'new recruits' end of the slope, we still have a little work to do in educating these lot how to park their gliders


This is Janek. We weren't sure of the reason he always walks stooped when in the landing zone. Having now seen Craig, Phil and Pete's flying it may be a tactic I employ if we are to be graced with their company in the future

The Rotmilan flying over head. This is still the second nicest looking Glider that frequents our local haunts.

Upside down past the flight line from the Skorp. This glider maybe 7 years old but it still does exactly what it should do even with a camera on one wing and a lump of lead on the other.

Janek launching Petes Predator 3 at the ground, fortunately it missed, first time I have seen one of these, it looks nice.
Pete is the guy that now has my ASW17. So far the scorecard for the ASW17 goes launches 1, landings nil. It now needs some TLC. I have a feeling he is a bit of a hooligan.

Now for the vid. There was too much footage to squeeze into 4 mins, anyway turn the volume up, HD it and enjoy.


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