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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Octo-Quad-Zilla.. Sperm Circles

Just to try and knock down Marty's effort below which he won't shut up about... This is my works Octo i built doing some filming over some crop circles made to look like sperm (well that's what i think) This is a beast of an Octo, full 360 pan and tilt gimbal with a 4 kg payload. Filming the filming with a Gopro 2 looking at a Canon XF105 camera. I had to FPV it over the corn which was about 200 meters away to the circle. Some great results, particularly when slowed down. The XF105 is a monster of a camera.

I've dumped the under carriage, 700gr of extra weight to carry around, weight is flying time... i now land in the doughnut!

Early call.... SJ's is going to Zummerzet on Sunday for electric winching fun! Pete has promised us a BBQ, Beers and be-atches.. not sure what he's on about!


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