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Friday, 20 July 2012


Can any of you help this guy out ???.

My  Xaircraft 650  . 
As a quad flyer I  understand how easy it is to lose orientation on something that is small and looks the same from each side once its more than 50 yards away. Once you add the value of the airframe, receiver ( unless its one of Robs 1970's 35mhz steam powered things), flight controller and Go pro etc etc together this little thing starts to become quite expensive, and not something you want to see disappearing into the distance, wondering which stick you should pull and in what direction to get it back

I have just bought and am now waiting for delivery of this gadget. It should plug directly into my DJI NAZA flight controller. It is the DJI Naza GPS system. It has several functions I will be able to use, but the 2 most impressive ones are a ''hover hold'' and ''Return to home''.  ''Hover Hold'' at the flick of a switch halts the quad in its tracks, it will keep its altitude , orientation and positional direction held rock steady. This will be ideal for filming . ''Return To Home'' at the flick of a switch will lift the quad 20 metres from wherever it is, it will return to the spot directly above where it took off, and then drop down to a super smooth landing.

Watch the video below. This guy is demonstrating the capabilities of the NAZA GPS system with the ''hover hold'' and ''return to home functions''. This is amazing technology with remarkable functionality, that will act as an insurance policy at a very affordable price



  1. Gay.. alternatively you could learn to fly it!


  2. Also if that quads made it to wiltshire i would be impressed! i dont think we will find it.


  3. Robert

    Not everybody that uses the World Wide Web lives in Wiltshire, and to dispell another myth there is no santa Claus. Get a life.