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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Electric Saturday....

Just because there is no wind does not mean that we don't go flying. We spent the afternoon at SJ's secret flat field location and had a monumental session.....

This is the reason we got kicked off the last SJ's secret flat field location. Martin and his desire to mark everything. Seriously don't ever invite him around.

 What happens when you trail 4 meters of aerial off the back of your FPV model? you get it tangled on something which causes a crash!

This is Slater, were not sure if thats Mr, or just Slater. However he owns most of Market Lavington and gave us permission to fly. Had a very nice little built up electric which unfortunately had a landing incident (see vid)

Below is only a taster of what happened, we have loads of footage which we will put together later... Anyways get the beer out, get the  BBQ started turn volume up to 11 and watch!

This is the large floppy wing glider. Takes an hour to put together, has a prop on it the that any wind farm would be proud of and is as ugly as sin, however..... this is the greatest flat field electric glider i have ever seen!!! Seriously stable even with a camera on the wing. Hooks thermals very easily and is up in the clouds before you know it, you can see it from miles away too. Martin might sell this, if i had the money i would buy it....... Hero of the day.


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