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Friday, 13 July 2012


Today I received pictures of my new Baudis Fosa . Tomorrow I transfer a bucket load of euros to Jiri Baudis but I reckon its worth every one of them

God knows how these ugly pieces of carbon cloth and molds turn into 2 beautiful wings

The fuselage.  This will arrive ready to go minus the receiver. I am looking forward to seeing how that little dumpy battery will work. The 'Rumpster' swears by them. He said something about its has less amps but the ones it does have are more reliable or something... I am an eneloop man so looking forward to seeing which I prefer
Have you ever seen a servo tray like that one?

Lining up the RDS before putting in. I remember spending 4 long evenings trying to get the RDS into the Tanga. Possibly the most tedious / soul destroying thing I have ever done apart from sitting in the car with ROB for 2 hours driving to the BWLCH, that particular journey ended with me having to spend an hour on the telephone to the samaritans

This is the Tailplane coming out of the molds. Still frazzles my brain how this actually works and comes out looking so god damn pretty

This is the guy that built this glider and did the install. He looks like a bit of a character. I keep having a vision of him slumped outside of a bar after drinking gallons of potato vodka  once the money transfer clears and if he does, good luck to him. He deserves it.

With any luck the Fosa should be with me by the end of the week. All I have to do is put a receiver and switch in and that it .....A maiden


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  1. Looks good Marty, that gimp with the gas mask on looks pie-eyed already!