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Monday, 9 July 2012

Aerial Warfare at WESTBURY!

From Northerly first thing, round to a North Westerly late in the day this slope works. A mixed bag.. Pretty much flew everything that could be flown from Quads, Electric Foamies, Mouldies, Wings and some things that ought not to of been flown! Shared the hill with the Paras.. not so bad, they know when to stay clear, especially when a half ballasted Rotmilan F3B/Tanga is blasting around.

Some people bring a car up the slope... Not Geoff he brings the hanger!!!  Nice lines on that Willow, not so nice on that arse.

This is Geoff on the right, Geoff looks after his pet below... Get your filthy paws of that trinity, and stop shitting every where!

 Check me out! Notice that cool calm air about me... Thankfully Graham was reading out my height, distance, power consumed, direction everything apart from looking at the dam FPV plane as my spotter!

 This is the result of letting Martin launch your glider... Nick, make sure you never let Martin forget this, because i wont! More in the video.....

Because of Martins crappy launch downwind resulting in a crash, we gave him a wind sock so he could get it right! I took 3 pictures just in case he did not.......

Gay dogging paragliders. We over heard them discussing the "rusty trombone" technique.. no idea what that is.... No Colin today unfortunately to dampen down the crowd.

We said "land next to the horse" not fly right up its arse! Chris paying particular attention not to get kicked in the knackers.

A happy bunch of pilgrims, these guys had every type of glider under the Sun, some flew better than others. That lad on the left is a master stunt pilot featured in the last copy of the BMFA mag. Incidently when do they come out? i never seem to get it!

Turn volume up to max and chuck the Mrs out....


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