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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Whitesheet F3F Practice! ... F3effin Great!!!

Whitesheet Hill for me has always been "Why are we bothering with this sheet hill" the wind is always off, and its raining! So when Sunday's F3F meet was cancelled due to rain i was not  surprised! However we heard that Ian Mason was to set the course up Saturday for some practise... So we take a look.

Whilst were all setup ready to go, the Rumpster thinks about changing his Tena Lady pad........ It takes him longer to set up than anybody else i know... he's like a woman!

Chris Williams beautiful scale.. elected not to fly the course.
Carbon Porn!

The legend that is the Gilbert.. That ain't tea in that flask! Unfortunately had radio problems today resulting in some damage.

This is i think is an Extreme... The new colour scheme did not detract from its handling, it ripped it up!

A Trebble taking the Needle off for a spanking!

This is a Baudis Cyril, a true work of art! I wanted to caress and fondle it, Martin stopped me saying that people are looking!

My Favourite colour scheme of the day... apparently the wingtip had been repaired, think the owners mistaken i could not see anything!

The NEW clipped wing Strega.. Petes poor Strega eats dirt again! Below he demonstrates how it happened, something to do with using his head to stop momentum. To be fair his head would stop a tank, in comparison Martin ego would stop gravity!

Someone thought it a good idea to leave me Base B to look after. Alex there to make sure i don't screw up!

Needle Running Late
A Happy Rumpster
 A very nice looking ascot, Mart was very impressed with scheme as it bares some resemblance to that pink blamange hes ordered

Results... LOOK AT THAT!!! 3RD! I was getting the hang of where the bases were, but cocked up a couple of turns on the downwind leg, felt like an age to get back on song. The Rumster reckoned a bit more ballast would of helped.  But i have to say it was great. Good people, good weather, good fun. To top it off i got back home to find a BBQ on the go with beer in the fridge..... A perfect day. Video below, as usual get a beer, sit back and turn volume up!

Oh yes... Martin, I can only say one thing LOOSER!

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