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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ash 26 ..1/3 scale 6m Part 3

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Thursday 14th June

ASH Build Part 3
Whilst on a supervised outing, I noticed some 'stone effect' spray paint in B&Q......also available in Wilkinson, so I had a go at spraying the inside of the fuz......this finish is great and looks like the real thing, but if you do give it a go, do very thin coats and leave it for 30 mins.....before the next coat....My intention is again to see how she flies before I go into too much detail in the cockpit......

Check out Phil Masterclass's ASH 26 cockpit.......bloody punch would say 'thats the way to do it'

Time to start with the canopie, I know that I have to take time with this, an ill fitting canopie will leave me with a shoddy looking model, and my model pilot with his red jumper will get the tits.

The premoulded canopie base is trimmed to fit, a little at a time, then a hole is drilled through the front section for the retaining pin, another hole is drilled at the back part for the 'push retaining bar' to fit.

The push retaining bar is fitted into a sleve and given a pointy end, this helps it locate the canopie mould hole, the bar is operated from under the wing of the model.........the exit is shown here.
This is a very simple way to install a canopie relase catch, and when the model is put together you can't see the catch; its also not complicated so it can't go Rob's switches on the Rotmilan.

Canopie perspex is glued to canopie frame using special glue; it dries see through.
Then trimmed the perspex to fit. This took ages, one over cut and the whole thing would look shoddy.
The finished article.......canopie fits well, took bloody ages to do........I will paint the canopie surround once flown....
Found this clip on you tube, ( i'm sure its the same one as mine........nice to see it fly...the vid is a bit slow.....and the music is as dull as Robs coat.....
Hope we can do a more entertaining vid in a few weeks......
...........onto the wings next!

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