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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pursuit of perfection

One thing i cant stand is a messy install... nothing worse than seeing a nice glider, look inside the guts of the thing and see a tangled mess akin to a 1970s porno. Well the internal space on the Rotmilan ain't big! Combined with using my favourite switch left no room to bolt it down, so it was left floppy.. see photo.

Look at the switch... floating around like a braincell in martins head!

So i bought one of these... A magnetic switch smaller than a gnats cock. Activated ON/OFF with a tiny magnet out side of the model. The idea is that the canopy stays on.

Took 2 seconds to install... only problem i can foresee is loosing the damn magnet! Oh and it failing in flight and sending my Rotmilan to a world of carbon splinters. 
Its in!

Now... has anybody seen that magnet? think i dropped it over there.......     


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