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Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday ..... NO F'ing Great Friday

Steady Northerly, a little overcast but no rain and 12 degrees of centigrades. Only one place to be, Westbury.

I rocked up at midday, fortunately I knew Rob wouldn't be out until 3pm so the plan was get out , have some good flying and some laughs with some good guys and then get off home before he turned up.

As I arrived and dumped the gliders down this was the scene
Chris was getting his hand in, Colin watching before the pair go off to the car. They both return with brand spankers to maiden. Chris had a new X models Whisper and Colin had a X Models Sword.

Mark the Wig Wam is casting his eyes over the models to make sure they are all parked correctly.

This is Martins ( not me obviously ) F3J Highlight. This model is 12 years old, in mint condition and I imagine in the year 2000 it must have been state of the art. Still looks bang up to date now. I think it took all of Martins skill to get it down, he over shot a good 6 or 7 times. In the end I had to go over and and talk him down!

We didn't have the slopes to ourselves today but we did do a good job of keeping them herded up one end of the slope. There was a certain amount of satisfaction when the sink came through watching them clambering back to the slope and a couple even went down to the bottom. Ha flaming Ha!!

Colin's Sword.. Cover off, electric on and pre flights in progress. This glider flew very well from the outset of the maiden. Its got a good high wing, easy for launching and landing

Marks 4 metre Multiplex Ash 26. We reckon this glider design is a good 20 years old , similar to Roberto's hair style. But , unlike Roberto's hairstyle this Glider still looks good. This landing turned out to be a peach

Nick and Graham came up with a pair of Luna's, Flew the Luna's and then went home with the Luna's. Graham is new to the sport but by heck he's picked it up quick

Rumbey and His Needle doing the Official Slope Junkie Thumbs up

Rumbey Tinkering again and below giving it one last adoring look before he chucks it off

And Finally. Robert, his RotMilan and the new Magnetic switch... see BLOG below. Unfortunately I didn't get away in time and had to listen to him while he bored everybody with the details of his new magnetic switch, this was going to save him time by eliminating the need to remove the canopy to flick the a std on/off switch. This is the same guy that has called the AA to the white horse twice because he has locked his keys in his car. Any way I watched him fumble around in his bag looking for the magnet, he then rubbed it up and down the side of the fuz for 10 minutes before it powered up, I am not convinced its quicker. Once it did get going he launched and it was clear to see he loves his new RotMilan and probably rightly so. Its ''SPAFF TASTIC''

Robert, a strange style of dress and the Launch of The Rotmilan. Not Good Friday, Great Friday


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