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Sunday, 8 April 2012

EASTER.... @ Roundway

 Someone died for us, got reborn or something today... What i know is that a WNW can only mean one thing, Roundway Hill. As the highly detailed map above (annotated in such a way that even Martin can understand) shows, we stand on an outcrop of chalk at some 650ft above sea level with supreme views of the Wiltshire countryside. Although does not provide the lift of Westbury, does give us some very dynamic forms of flying over some very interesting landscapes.

Mark turns up carrying the mighty Ash. This glider was designed for this hill, open cross country flying with a big span easily viewed from over a km away. Beautiful flying with this, i love flying this and hang around Mark like flies around shite, until he gives up his Tranny to me!
Fly you bastard!

Bionic Geoff, recently released from Hospital/Prison gets his Trinity F3B prepared, we spent a bit of time on this today playing with C of G. I like this glider, has serious potential, feels solid... like a Volvo!

Geoff still trimming after 4 years of ownership
Bionic Geoff setting up my chair..

Malcolm strolls in (very very ill) with his Salto, pretty little glider, i hoofed it off and the canopy ejected itself, needless to say it all survived. Not to be outdone he went back and got his Blade.

 Look at these two very different transmitters.. The MC24 is a number of years old, however is still at the top of the tree as far as reliability and functionality (like my 3030 Martin) Below is Nicks Royal Evo, on the screen is models current height in meters, battery power left and time flying... amazing. The MC when new was over a grand, the Evo you can get for £400. Love technology....
Well a fantastic day God.. thanks. A pity Martin could not join us, as i would of liked to see how his Tanga performed against my Rotmilan today, as the Rotty ROCKED! Still i expect that chick-flick was really good wasn't it Martin?


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