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Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Monday, No Flying, The tedium of Setting up

Easter Monday

There was no flying to be had due to the typical British Bank Holiday weather so it was an afternoon of chores for me. The Tanga has not been flying particularly well lately ( not going round corners like its on rails essentially)  so I decided I would ''go back to basics'' . I would revert all settings back to the manufacturers settings and with the help of the Futaba 10CHG manual try and do some clever stuff

I had to pick up a CofG jig from Robert along with a micrometre ( god only knows what he has been measuring with this)

The C of G Rig. Mounted on top of a camera tripod a couple of rubber balancers and steel rulers. All looks a bit gay in the gentle shade  ''soft moss''  green but actually does a very good Job. Thanks Rob

I put the Tanga on the JIG, The C of G was at 110 mm, Breta models suggest 105mm . I put some more ballast in the nose and then got to the business of putting all the manufacturers throws in. Very helpfully these were in degrees so I had to use some old school trigonometry to turn this into millimetres of movement at the end point of each control surface ....

A screen of numbers on the breta models website. Took some thinking about but I now have all these dialled in. With the help of the 10CHG manual I have now got more settings than Rob's got brain cells. I have a launch control setting, thermal flap, speed setting, distance setting and normal setting. These are all on a switch but I have also retained a camber flap / aileron / elevator mix on a variable knob. I have a funny feeling I have moved into the realms of doing things for the sake of doing it. What I would say though is the FUTABA 10CHG is a fantastic piece of 21st century radio equipment and is ripe for playing with.


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