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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Weekend 10th/11th March. Alot of flying and Maidens


Following my jaunt to Exeter to pick up the new FVK Graphite Thursday evening the weather Saturday was perfect for it. I got upto the slope at Roundway around 1pm , there was very little wind and the other models that were there were struggling.

Maiden of the FVK Graphite
After pre flight checks and a range check it was time for the 'Wigwam' to give me a launch. I opted for a launch without the complications of the motor running. Believe me when that prop is activated you don't want to be near it. It will haul that glider vertical albeit slowly , it almost looks like its prop hanging . Might look to get some smoke canisters

The FVK Graphite flying by. I put the C of G at the point that was recommended by the previous owner. I found that it was necessary to hoof 58 notches of up trim in. I don't like my gliders this nose heavy. I have altered the C of G backwards now by moving the batteries back but I still have a way to go. Currently I think the square loops might be a bit sloppy. The glider is a very nice , stable flyer that will be a joy to fly from the flat field or the slope on a thermic day when there is no wind.

There was also another maiden flight Saturday. It was nice guy Malcolm with a Fly Fly Salto. I have owned a Fly Fly model in the past and in my experience the name Fly Fly is a bit mis leading, as they don't f'ing Fly Fly!! .. I am not the only person to experience this.

Mark taking a look at Malcolm's Fly Fly Salto, There is no disputing the glider looks the part and is very very pretty, The problem is the Salto's wings. That wing shape is never going to be stable and tip stalling will always be a problem at slow speed

The Fly Fly Salto having its maiden. At every turn this glider tip stalled and on occasion started to flat spin.It was all very messy. Malcolm did well to keep it flying in a controlled fashion. The mighty Hudd passed his tranny to Ellis and ran to Malc for the last couple of minutes of the flight dispensing advice to help guide him into a slopeside landing. Hopefully in more wind and with some re trimming and maybe some expo this will be more tame , I am not sure. Once the Salto landed Malc was quoted as saying '' you couldn't have got a fag paper between my arse cheeks, that was terrifying''. I bet Rob would try.

I think this is the third generation of the Blaster. These are very popular light wind day slope models. They are discus launch. You can literally lob them 70 feet into the sky, poke out over the edge to see if there is any thermal activity, if not the return back. This one looked striking in pink.


As you maybe aware as Rob has been droning on about it for weeks, if not months he has been building a Droidworx multirotor. Today was the day for the maiden. 

Rob poses next to the Droidworx multirotor that he has been building for about a month. There was alot of wiring and soldering to be done, There were alot of ESC's that needed endpoints setting, there were alot of props that need to be rotating the correct way and there was alot of instructions that needed to be read. All this was quite alot to take on board for someone with a limited attention span that already knows everything
It haMy X Aircraft 650 was being used to film the mighty event of the Droidworx rising from the ground into the sky. Rob powered the Droidworx up, it was an impressive noise and sight but unfortunately it didn't rise like a phoenix, it gently rolled over onto it back similar to a puppy that wants its belly tickled. Rob has taken it home to double check everything and re read the instructions. I am sure the next time it will all work perfectly. This multi rotor is very complicated and there is alot to learn about them.

Anyway once this was all over we headed to the mighty North facing slope at Westbury. Here the wind was minimal but there was enough to keep up. There were some monumental thermals going through. I am sure at one point Robs Rotmilan must have hit 2500 feet, it was a dot in the sky.

There was a good turnout at Westbury. As you can see its nice to be out without the need to wrap up in all sorts of thermal gear.The white model in the foreground is Phils Jaro Muller Escape, a very solid glider

Mark the WigWams Big Sting being launched and setting off into the distance. The Big Sting is a classic and flies beautifully.

 The refreshment of choice for the Gilbert next to his HighLite.. A Cabernet Sauvignon. He sits back in his comfy chair, has a drink and out thermals everybody with his left aileron, right rudder and up elevator method. Legend!!

Rob launching the buzzard. He has another one at home with a ducted fan in. Problem is it has a polystyrene coffee cup coming out the arse and doesn't look quite as good.

I have added this link to a youtube video.It was sent to me this morning from Paul 'Aris' Man. He has been away with work on a course for a couple of weeks ( so he says??), but looking how his video editing skills have come along I think he has been on a I.T course. Watch it with the volume turned up, its very good


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