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Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday 12th March

I have a weeks holiday this week so I have set myself the mission of getting the Tanga F3B up and running again by the end of the week. This is going to be painfull for me as I detest any sort of modelling work but I have set myself small amounts to do in order that by the end of the week she will be ready to go. If you were going to eat an elephant you wouldn't eat it all at once!!

Today the task was to get the on/off toggle switch into the servo tray and get put the holes in the side of the fuz for the wing connectors.

You can see in the background the tray the Breta Models supplied. The one in the forground has been cut from 6.5 mm beech ply, it is also slightly longer and only necessary gaps have been cut. This should help with strengh combined with the additional glass cloth Breta put in this fuz for me. The only tricky thing was getting the toggle swith in tidy as the ply is almost thicker than the swich itself.
The might Mark Wickam cut the servo tray for me by hand, he is a human CNC machine, its as tidy as you like.

You can see that I had to remove the area that the wing connectors will sit. These have now been cut out and the connectors tested for fit.

Tomorrow's challenge is to make up the wiring harness for the toggle switch and glue the servo tray in. What a dull part of the sport this is.!!!!!


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