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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Quadzilla flies ...only just.!!... Tanga will fly again tomorrow at noon!

Wednesday 14th March

Quadzilla does fly but only just. I have just had Rob on the telephone again for the second night in a row almost in tears as the Quadzilla is unstable and does not respond to any controls the way it should. To quote Rob..." I don't want to f'ing look at it again!!"... I have realised that the book of instructions came with allot of writing and no pictures ( not even a cartoon) therefore Rob probably never even opened it, let alone read it. I have dispensed some good advice and calmed him down so hopefully in the next few days he should get it flying smoothly and properly.

Anyway onto more important things, the Breta Models Tanga F3B is ready to fly again and will do at noon tomorrow ...Roundway

The extra thick servo tray is not only in but I have run a line of carbon tow along the length of it. This nose is now rigid and hopefully the weaknesses I experienced with the first fuse has been rectified.

I have wrecked another saucepan and the house smells of molten lead but its worth it. This is the nose lead I have made that puts the C of G at 108mm. Breta Models suggest 106mm. I have a small slither that I will carry in the nose for the first flight that will put the C o G back at 106mm but I want to be able to easily remove small bits at a time to move back if desired

Servo's in, control rods on,battery in....Shes ready to go and I can't wait.

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  1. That wood in there is disgusting. I remember using wood in my Middle Phase, i certainly would not use in a F3B machine....