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Friday, 16 March 2012

Breta Model Tanga Flies again...

Friday 16 March

At last the Tanga has flown again. A few pictures of the day, apologies for the quality .

Ready and assembled in the car park at Roundway. I had the slope to myself today. The weather was dull and the wind was weak .
I did the obligatory range checks , checked everything over one last time and that was it.

The Launch, and although you always worry about the first launch really it was never in doubt. She went off straight as a dye. However due to the little extra nose weight ( better safe than sorry) I did have to stuff in 36 notches of up trim. The dive test was very balloney and not very pretty. As the afternoon went on I removed most of the ''Test Weight'' I had put in, the trim is back to neutral and the dive test results in the glider going straight down. I may put a smidge back in. I think I might have over cooked it.


Crow deployed ... Coming in for the final landing of the day. Today I remembered the reason I like this glider so much. It is quick, corners like its on rails , is incredibly smooth and purposeful and best of all is very easy to fly. It does what you ask it to do. Looking forward to the weekend.


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