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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Kinetic 100 this is NOT.. !!

Summer is around the corner so I have added this to the fleet,  I have just picked it ....  Shaftesbury to Exeter , pick up glider and back to Staverton in 3 hours and 5 minutes. Possibly another speed record. I won't leave it the stupid one to calculate the average speed as he will fxxk it up!!

Anyway this is a 3.5 metre FVK graphite Pro version with a 4:1 geared electric motor and a huge carbon folding prop. I think this will be exactly what is required for flying from the slope on a windless day, or maybe from a flat field.

This has a carbon 'd' box construction in the wings and although it looks flimsy it is surprisingly stiff. The empty airframe only weighs 1100 grams, that's less than 3 packs of sausages.!! Going to set it up tomorrow and look to maiden Sunday

Not sure these pictures are doing the glider justice, looks a bit bland. I think on a sunny day , flying overhead with the sun shining through the wings,  this will be a very pretty picture.

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