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Friday, 2 March 2012

Check this out... QUAD-ZILLA!

I am currently building (for commercial use) a SkyJib 8 Multi-rotor Drone. This thing is the Ferrari of the multi-rotor world!

8 Axi motors will hall this thing into the air, typical payload will be 7kg's! Power will be from 2 X 5000mah 5 cell lipo batteries linked in parallel. Flight controller is a DJI-Wookong GPS equipped board, with "point and click" flight ability through a google maps on a laptop. The legs actually retract out the way, this is because we have a 360 degree pan and tilt gimbal being made for it. The frame comes from a manufacturer in New Zealand called Droidworx and is a carbon work of art!!!

This is carbon porn as far as im concerned...

Heavy duty digital Savox servo drives the retracts.. should be interesting! Retracts come from Photohigher and are also perfect. Flight testing will be in about a week or so. Will post a vid when we do!
Multiplex Royal Pro will fly the thing, as well as give us telemetry. Angry puppy will not be taking to the air!


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