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Sunday, 5 February 2012

If Babycham did flying days....

 Well not a lot to report in the last week. We were all geared up for the F3F event at Whitesheet, but after weather and snow it was cancelled. Pity, i was really looking forward to kicking Martins arse! So went to Westbury instead..... NO WIND! well, very little, flew the Rotmilan around at eye level for some time, Martin flew his Scorp.. Mart after much misjudgement and shoddy flying had to land out half way down the hill we heard the WOMP of the landing at the top, however the Scorp airframe is very strong so no damage done. Phil the Hudd turned up to entertain us for a bit, go his micro-heli out flew about until the battery gave out..


My Rotmilan, see in background not a meeting of the local Gay Doggers club, but a bunch of para gliders chewing the cud waiting for the wind to increase.... it never did!

If phil does not have it... then it ain't worth having. Most of Phil the "Hudd's" stuff is begged, borrowed or stolen... However he is a legend and will help you out with anything... even an interest free loan apparently, his wallet is always stuffed with 20 pound notes for some reason....

Amazing little thing, will do all the usual heli stuff, but also fully aerobatic, however we only watched 5 mins of it before it crashed into a puddle. Think its one of these

Friday off work, so off the Bwlch if any ones interested?


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