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Saturday, 28 January 2012

If Carlsberg did flying days...


What a perfect day up Westbury.. Northerly winds 10mph bang on the face.. We arrive by one, park up, throw gliders together and chuck off in 5 mins! beautiful clean lift, gave me a chance to fly Rotty with out ballast for the first time. Thought was a little sluggish untill after 10 mins of flying i realised i had thermal flap on! a very different story afterwords. Spent all afternoon on the hill dodging para-gliders in great lift!

Martin negotiating "the trench" with his trusty Scorpion, Tanga still waiting for new fuz (see earlier post as to why) i could tell he was missing it....

Mark returning after a successful sortie.

The line up, Mark flew his Ash 26 This is great model, and lands very well.. so well it almost took his leg off!

Still can not belive its January, Skorp cruising around

which glider shall i fly now?

My Viking2 Looping over the back. Perfect conditions for the viking, being lighter than the Rotmilan i expect will out-thermal, however... not as fast, and not as agile.

An upside down Scorpion.

The hill was covered in para gliders, must of been +20 up, all fighting for airspace. We do our best to bully them off our part of the slope however you always have to keep an eye out for them as they sneak up on you!

We like rounding them up!

Think this is Phil, apologies if not... However this is his name from now onwards! A master at making us all duck, Phil chucked his Assassin around the sky like he had stolen it. I asked him to get it close in shot... he almost took my head off! A sharp wit kept us entertained.

 The legend that is the Cubitt (Gilbert) Flying an Ellipse. This glider is stunning, i love it, extremely strong, clean lines, looks great. He was kind enough to let me have a go, it rolls beautifully has a real sense of purpose when flying. You point it somewhere and it will get there without deviation! Amazing considering the age (of both really) This will out fly an awful lot of modern gliders... GET ONE

 This Vid was done at the end of the day, took quad copter up to film Martins landing. A little windy so video footage shaky!

Everybody returned with un-damaged models and big smiles.. Perfect.

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