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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday 8th Jan

Still on 35mhz Rob with a tranny that looks like a music mixing desk from the 80's. I often ask myself why and as yet I have not satisfied myself with a convincing answer. I can only assume that you are a techno -phobe that is scared to take the step into this century. There is a reason masses of people are migrating to 2.4ghz on a weekly basis and the reason is simple, IT'S BETTER !!!

Anyway today we ventured out to Devizes as the wind direction was a steady westerly with the threat of the odd swing to the south of west. I took the Breta Models Tanga F3B,what a machine, I have convinced myself at least for the next couple of days anyway that this will be the glider I take to the BWLCH January 22nd. It bounces out of the corners and I am convinced it exits faster than it enters, this is nothing to do with anything I am doing it is purely the model

TANGA F3B and a 21st century Transmitter - Rob!!
In my defence although the capability of the Tanga F3B massively outweighs my ability, I have spent alot of time on the set up of the control surface throws and the general set up. One thing I have probably spent a disproportionate amount of time is the set up of the crow braking, it is super smooth and incredibly effective. I am now catching the large percentage of landings

This resulted in a beautiful catch, like picking fruit from a tree
 There was also a decent gathering of other aero modellers. We had Phil the masterclass Huddlestone doing his usual slope hogging, sorry slope soaring. He was doing the usual fast low fancy flying and trying to squeeze the Ocelot though small gaps, Mark Wigwam Wickham was also doing some of his usual smooth flying with the Carracho and the BIG Sting.

Mark "Wigwam" launching the Carracho F3B
The "Hudd" giving another masterclass
Spot the Ocelot..

We also had Malcolm with his trusty Multiplex ASW27B and the ever popular Blade, nowadays sporting a newly painted blue nose cone which apparently make it 100x easier to see. Today Malcolm also became a member of the 2.4ghz club, he had bought a conversion set for the tranny and 2 receivers - 50 quid!!!.... Go on Rob, do it!!
Unfortunately Paul from the bottom of the hill was just leaving as we arrived .

Malcolm tracking the Asw around the sky

The Paddock..Malcs new blue nose cone on the blade


It was decided at the end of the day we had all had a jolly good time, and to be honest 12 degrees centigrade and a gentle westerly in the first week of January is not to be sniffed at. Global warming anyone??

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