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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Old school

Im still on 35mhz... i know what your thinking, why?  Well as more and more people migrate to 2.4 the chances of channel clash are less and less, its proven technology, matched with my Multiplex 3030 which dates back to the steam age and looks like a green breeze block, is still one the most versatile tranny's out (incidentally good info here about programming the 3030 in layman’s terms) I only generally buy Multiplex or Schulze receivers, i have never had a problem with either makes ever, i'm sure all the others are fine but thats my preference.. I know i can get 3km out of Multiplex IPD receivers from My FPV machines, and never had any interference problems with my carbon F3B/F3F machines also (this is how i do it Thanks Samba)

The other good thing about 2.4 is the price of my favourite receivers has dropped. I picked up the below for £13 delivered from EBay.... A Frickin Billy Bargain!

 If you do but from Ebay make sure you do serious range checks, there are some unscrupulous people out there. But this is a full scale receiver and are brilliant for electric aircraft due to the high suppression of electric interference. This one will go on my FPV Quadcopter. Lastly one other aspect of 35 mhz is it breaks the ice! you rock up to the slope and have to make contact with people to check on freq, get the conversation going etc etc! With 2.4 now you can ignore your fellow flier, Fuck them i'm on 2.4! well that what Martin says......


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