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Sunday, 15 January 2012

F**K IT.....

Sunday 15th
You will have seen from Rob's post that the morning was not a great start to the day. We had some fun with the Quads but this was limited due to the strength of the wind.

The wind strength was good news however as I had an appointment booked at the East facing slope at Clench Common. Rob had pussied out of maidening the RotMilan as he was suffering from a mild dose of Man flu ( not sure he is qualified for this particular illness), but I trekked over regardless. I met up with Paul 'Aris' man. After a probing flight from the lower slope with The Tanga F3B we decided the wind would be more square on at the top as the glider was bouncing around. We walked to the top of the hill and prepared for launch.

I launched Pauls highly polished Aris for him, I then launched the Tanga. It was quite good fun darting about the skyline, pulling a few good loops and all the rest of the usual stuff. We decided after about 30 minutes that we had probably had enough, an easterly biting wind, bright sun in our eyes all led to the fun being somewhat damped.

Any of you that know the top of Clench probably know that it is not blessed with the best of landing facilities. I realised the point at which Paul 'Aris' man noticed this, it was when he bellowed ''shit, where do we land??"

After some deliberation Paul decided to drop the Aris onto the side of the hill, after a few attempts he did execute a very nice landing. I decided I would try and get the Tanga to land on the top of the hill on an area probably 15metres x 10 metres ( felt smaller at the time) with trees to one side and behind, and a fence running down the other side. I did actually manage a fairly good landing however the nose of the Tanga did drop off!!

Fortunately the nose has had a crack appearing /getting bigger on it for the last 6 weeks or so. In anticipation of the inevitable event I already have a new Fuselage on its way from BretaModels. The new one will be beefed up before it has radio gear installed.

Paul 'Aris' Mans   ARIS.. Highly Polished and very well built

TANGA F3B...This is definately a weak spot

Next one will be beefed to the MAX!

I am hoping the new fuz will be here within the next week or so. There is no doubt that this the weak spot of this glider. We ( myself and Rob) discussed it when it arrived and I have also in the past discussed it at length with the manufacturers Breta Models. It is a shame because the wings and tail really are a work of art, but the fuzz always has let this glider down. As I have said, the new fuzz will be seriously strengthened before it ever gets airborne.


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