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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

4 Days to go....

There is now only 4 days to go until I fly in the F3F winter league at the BWLCH in Wales.

The Skorpion is Ready,I am not. I won't be taking the ASW as backup


Clearly due to the problem with the nose on the Tanga (would have been my preferred choice) I will be using the Skorpion . I have spent a little time on the set up added a little more snap flap, increased the throws on the rudder and added a little more expo on the elevator and ailerons. All this has been done to try and induce a bit of a bounce in the high speed turns. I have no idea whether it will make a blind bit of difference or not but I hope it does. I have no expectations of doing well, my aim is to have some fun, not come last, see some decent gliders/flyers and come home with the model in one piece!

I had made arrangements to meet the WigWam at Roundway today to try these new settings but unfortunately when we arrived there was a huge amount of Mist, visibility was down to about 100metres so we decided to make our way home again

Hopefully Friday afternoon there could be a decent westerly blowing so I should be trying out my new settings and maybe Rob will grow some testicles and maiden the RotMilan. Who knows?


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