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Sunday, 12 May 2013

2.4 or not to 2.4... that is the question..

Well that was always a question that was asked of me ' still flying with that pizza box then?' Today i made the leap forward 20 years to join the 2.4 revolution. I bought a Futaba 14SG. I know Martin will be saying 'I told you so' The Tranny has telemetry and S-bus technology what ever that means. I will use on my quads and the gliders and let you know how it goes.... the cost of all this greatness was a mere £400! a billy bargain! Bought from Long Marston RC show today. This Transmitter looks so cool, its sleek and elegant, bit like me, comes with charger receiver and to top it off my dad bought me a case to put it in. I now need to program the Rotmilan in and strip out the meters of aerial running down the fuz and each tail plane!

I hope i like it as much as i loved my trusty 3030 pizza box!


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