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Friday, 19 April 2013

Baudis Pitbull F3F has arrived

The Baudis Pitbull F3F arrived yesterday, unfortunately I was away from home . I got home this evening as fast as I could. This is it. A few pictures taken in the garden. I will get some detailed pictures at a later date.. First impressions are it looks very quick, feels solid and the build / install quality is second to none!

 The wings are super stiff, and the V tail is similar in steep angel to the 'FOSA"

I Think the detail on the bottom really looks good. I am slightly biased but the Baudis Pink on always looks good against black and the word Pitbull really stands out

 The Pitbull logo on the Flap. Again some more super crisp, no over run . Look at the detail where the wing butts up to the fuselage. Brilliant

Below is the FOSA and the Pitbull side by side


The wings on the pitbull are definitely shorter and look to have a wider chord. I will measure one day. It is a similar double wing joiner system.

Up against the house. I genuinely love the FOSA. It turns an average flyer like me into someone that can manage a PB of 34.2. The Pitbull looks as though it will have the same straight line turn of speed but with the shorter fuselage and smaller wingspan looks as though it could be more nimble in the turns. 
Happy Days are here!


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