Rob C and Martin D

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Its been a while

We have been a bit slack recently with posts , mainly due to the fact the wind directions and weather haven't been kind to at the weekends for slope soaring. We even managed to miss what probably was one of the best British F3F events for a long while whereby Abbo managed a run of 28.75 seconds.

We will be back on it very soon with this weekend (weather permitting) being the Whitesheet BMFA F3F event followed by Welsh Winter league round 5 the following weekend again weather permitting

Now for a small update... today I received 2 pictures of a new glider that is currently being built ( again Pink) , hopefully it should arrive in the next 3 weeks. I think first impressions are '' what a beauty!"



  1. What is it Martin?
    See you Sunday

  2. Graeme

    It is the beginnings of a Baudis Pitbull. My understanding is they are currently putting the gear in and then it will be in the post!!

    See you Sunday , I notice your PB is now up with the best of them . Well done.


  3. Thought it might be the Pitbull, nice shape to the wings should be silly fast!!

    shame you couldn't make Wales on the 17th the conditions were so good even a foamy could have made sub 40 the only problem was getting enough ballast in!!!


  4. Got your Pitbull yet? There are a few starting to appear around the Web.

  5. Apologies for the delay

    I had confirmation that today it is being loaded onto a lorry for dispatch

    Going on the FOSA delivery time, I should have it back end of next week, put a magnetic switch and receiver in and '' Bingo / Bango"" thats it ... Maiden