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Saturday, 26 January 2013

FPV Zephyr Time

 I've been busy upgrading hardware on the zeph, all in the name of safety ;)

 First upgrade was a 14dbi patch. i have been running on an 8dbi patch but wanted to explore 'further' possibilities with flight distance. This is mounted on EZ tracker, so i have constant tracking. due to weight of dish had to upgrade servos in pan and tilt gimbal. Now have a couple of 9kg servos operating the tracking!

Second upgrade was a UHF radio, in my case a very nifty unit that plugs directly in the back of a futaba tranny (courtesy of Bobster Bill) in the trainer port. All i can say is... Bloody brilliant! Rock solid so far up to XX Kms! If i was to recommend a UHF system i would recommend a certain American manufacture, with an affinity for welsh mythical creatures....          Lastly fed up with catching half my plane in the HD footage i made a new GOPRO/FPV camera housing that sits at the front of my Zeph (I had to abandon the beautiful carbon fibre first one i built as i forgot the negative effects carbon has on range. So if anyone wants a indestructible GOPro housing made of carbon let me know)

Quick Vid of this mornings test flight. Martin was good spotter as ever bless him...


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