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Monday, 14 January 2013

Butser Hill

The Southern League F3F January leg was held at Butser Hill, just south of Petersfield

We rocked up at 8.30, should have been there 20 minutes earlier but somebody had typed the wrong post code into the Sat Nav, and it wasn't me. Dumpster arrived just after us, apparently he doesn't use a sat nav he follows his nose?

Anyway we go out of the cars and there was a brisk NNE wind, and I can confirm it was absolutely freezing. As a result I was reluctant to take my hands out of my gloves and take any pictures or video. This has resulted in a short and not very sweet post

Tony giving Graeme's Race M the once over just before he launches it for him

Dumpster elevator horns and clevis became detached on the needle . This was a very fiddly , it was freezing. There was a lot of f'ing and jeffing!

Just checking
''Are Martin and Rob really beating the Dumpster?" 

Anyway, The video. Very little footage as mentioned due to the reluctance to take my hands out of the gloves so this is as good as it gets. At least you will be able to foot tap to the music!


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  1. This is a shit post.. i apologise to all that come to this site.