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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Son of OctoQuadZilla.... QuadZilla is born!

 I had an idea to build a quad with a few bits i had lying around at work. To keep it simple i thought i would use the same Axi 2612 short shaft motors, the same speed controllers and same batteries. Everything being inter-changeable. I had some broken booms (from some earlier unsheduled landings) which i chopped off and made use of. One blagging email to Droidwork bagged me a couple of carbon centre plates. 

 The motor mounts are made by an ingenious  chap at work. He has a good friend who makes false teeth. So used that pink moulding stuff pushed over an original motor mount to get the mould, let it cure, than filled with a mixture of epoxy and chopped fibre to make exact replicas. Even stronger than originals! I am thinking of getting a 3D printer, then this sort of thing will be a piece of piss!
 DJI Naza board and GPS unit used, as well as Multiplex M link receiver with telemetry. This lets me know flight voltage... important i think. I have a couple of Spare batteries at work, these RedChunk are 5 cell 10,000mah, and are the dogs danglies!
The flight test was... interesting, all captured on film! Make sure you do the usual, kick the wife, animals and kids out for this one and turn up to 11!

Learnt a lesson... do not turn the gains up to high. As soon as i knocked into GPS made it went APE! Over compensating big time....

Turned those gains down and you have a pussy cat! The Naza and the Wookong will level all multirotors at mid-stick regardless of lift available, I wanted to check the lift capacity, so i knocked into manual and flew, i was hovering with about 4mm of stick movement.... Massively over powered. Will lift 3kgs time for a gimbal and some landing gear.......


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