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Monday, 15 October 2012

Portland Bill.. or Bust ;)

The Bobster gave us a call "fly in proper lift" he said, so we trundled down to the South Coast to find out what proper lift was! This is the best picture i can find of the Bobster and definitely his best side. Portland Bill is a lump of rock sticking out of the South Coast like a hemorrhoid. These cliffs are not real cliffs, not like Dover but 60ft high straight off the sea jobs. However produce monumental lift in 20mph of wind. We all stuffed as much weight as we could in and hurled off. First time we have flown over the sea, you wonder if that wing servo will hold, or if that solder joint you have been worrying about will give?

The Dumpster shovelling food in can only mean one thing.. he buggered off for a dump! Dave's Needle was whistling with over 2kgs of ballast, was moving quicker than a pair of hookers knickers on pay day. He was at home here on the coast.. like a Puffin.

The Bobster and local boy Mike know the slopes of Portland very well, if ever Ian Mason wants an advert for the Willow F3F he should film these boys fly! Mike had his willow bouncing around the corners like a Bumble Bee on speed, Bobster showed us exactly where the lift was.... 1 meter above the cliff, scared the shit out of us inland boyz!

As for myself, the Rotmilan was flying beautifully, getting immense height with some carefully executed pumps under the watchful eye of the master Bobster, after bouncing off the compression zone and heading towards the heavens i hit a seagull! poor thing did not know what hit him, i got the glider down with no damage, the boys claimed the bird was bobbing around on the sea.. i think they were being kind as it fell out the air like a bag of turd. As for the crash, stalled the wing to close to the ground following a series of loops! very lucky there was not more damage. The glider fell about 12ft down the cliff precariously balanced... the vid shows the retrieve. New fuz and some super glue... WTF a new glider, what to get?

Turn this up to max... i broke all my own rules here and made a 6 min video. ENJOY

Next is a time lapse vid Bobster took on the day. Watch the moment everyone rushes to the edge after the bird strike... Evil bastards!

Rotmilan on the mend


  1. WTF a new glider?

    Until you get the hang of pulling 2 consecutive loops without stoving the glider nose first into a cliff face , I may gave found a solution.

    The advert says ......

    the EasyGlider PRO has the kind of performance only seen with much larger and more expensive gliders

    Could be the natural progression.


  2. I cant believe you said you would let go of the rope if me and the dumpster started slipping, what a C...!