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Sunday, 21 October 2012

No wind Saturday

Got a call from Robert Saturday morning, there was very little wind and what there was, was coming from the wrong place. He has been building a new quad at work ( its all right for some ) and he wanted to do some testing. As I am a Radio control technical genius and Robert very often relies on my knowledge, I felt it was the right thing to go along and help

We met up in one of the better areas of Westbury.
We thought there would be some interesting objects to film, turned out it was just a lane

We went up to the back of the White horse where Salisbury Plain starts.  This is ROB's ''bitsa'' Quad. Its made up from spare bits from Quadzilla, the motor mounts are from the local dentist, other bits he found lying around. It does have 4 new huge electric motors and 4 new 90amp speed controllers. The flight management system is the DJI Naza and GPS. Have to say it is all very smooth.

We then went and found a farm to fly around, below is the video. As usual turn up loud and full screen it.  Unlike Rob decapitating a seagull last week, I can promise the pigeon that stars in this did not get hurt.


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  1. 60 amp controllers to correct the idiot! A good afternoon strangly...FPVing Quadzilla next week. Martin will be doing the same to his pile of crap.